My 10 Best Habit Change Tips: Tip 4

“To eat is a necessity but to eat intelligently is an art”

La Rochefoucauld

I am patting myself on the back this week. There is no wavering on my mission to lose 10kg and feel superfit as I ramp up my exercise regime at CrossFit. My first 3 habit change tips are well in hand:

Tip 1: Begin with the end in mind

Tip 2: Seek help and support

Tip 3: Take a 30 day challenge

In Tip 3 I discussed my lack of self-discipline and it is not in just one area of my life. Cheri Huber writes: “How you do anything is how you do anything.” The quote made me sit up and take notice. My intention is to be proud of how I do anything so that it is how I do everything.

CrossFit training goes hand in glove with a Paleo (natural food) lifestyle. As my friends would tell you, I love good food and wine. Whilst the Paleo regime suits me, I need to tweak a few more of the eating and drinking habits it promotes to ensure my body transformation proceeds to plan.This is where Tip 4 comes in:      Press the PAUSE button

Bad habits need a trigger plus an urge. My bad habit is overindulgence in a variety of forms. My reading tells me this is how I can take steps to overcome it:

  • Notice the urge
  • Do not do the bad habit
  • Let the urge pass
  • Use a replacement good habit
  • Keep practicing the steps above

Leo Babauta from Zen Habits states that a pause creates space. The space allows us to breathe, think and be before deciding to act. He says that if we do decide to act on the urge that is okay too, as long as we have first noticed it and paid attention to it. Urges will not go away however the ability to pause will increase with practice. Over time the urge will no longer control us if we do not act on it.

I am pressing the PAUSE button from today. ‘Bye ‘Bye overindulgence, hello self-discipline. What habits need the PAUSE button in your life?

The Art of Being image I chose for Tip 4 is Be Still. You can download the image as part of the free screensaver or browse the galleries for other inspiration to purchase. Sign up for the weekly updates if you would like to be on the Dream, Dare & Do journey with me.

Be the best version of yourself!


About Jo I realized at 50 that life was too short. I decided it was time to Dream, Dare & Do my way into a life I truly loved full of creativity, freedom, joy & connection. My 'new' life continues to evolve as does my art but life at the beach with my wonderful husband and much loved Schnauzer Mojo is pretty great. I now cram my days with creating art, blogging, learning, exercising, smelling the roses & acting as part-time cyber assistant for my hubby. Come on the journey with me to Be the Best Version of Yourself.
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One Response to My 10 Best Habit Change Tips: Tip 4

  1. Mary-Ann Hill says:

    Pause, then replace a good habit for the bad habit, repeat, repeat, repeat. I really like that and also the nurturing and forgiving practice of pausing and then not punishing yourself if you still overindulge, that will keep you in the positive frame of mind to stay on your path. Looking forward to Tip 5 :) XXXX Mary-Ann

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