My 10 Best Habit Change Tips: Tip 6

“The Moving Finger writes; and, having writ,

Moves on: nor all your Piety nor Wit

Shall lure it back to cancel half a Line,

Nor all your Tears wash out a Word of it.”

My father loved this verse from The Rubaiyat of Omar Khayyam. A copy had been given to my Nanna in 1934.. There are copyright dates inside the cover of 1905 and 1926. The book is very special to me, not the least for the somewhat risqué and spectacular photos used throughout. The image below illustrates a different Rubaiyat or quatrain (4-line verse). Isn’t it gorgeous?

I had a sense of what ‘The moving finger writes…..’ verse meant and confirmed it with a google search: Whatever one does in one’s life is one’s own responsibility and cannot be changed.

This poetic introduction brings me, in a metaphorical way, to this week’s habit change tip:


Defy the possibility of regrets or losing commitment by giving yourself a road map or plan. It can help to define where you are going, what you are improving and how you are going to do it. Make it a contract with yourself. Notice increased clarity, focus and accountability. The power of writing down goals has been confirmed with a recent study done at the Dominican University with 149 participants.

In terms of habit change you just need to write down 2 things:

  • the habit you intend to change
  • the action plan to make your habit change a success

I have been writing about my quest to see 62kg on my scales and have it written on my creativity collage and in my journal. The main habit I wanted to change initially was the amount and type of exercise I was doing, followed by nutritional support. This is what I wrote down:

  • my goal
  • the steps I intended to take in my journal
  • my progress – the highlights and the things that needed tweaking
  • food intake via a food diary
  • my weight on a weekly basis
  • my measurements for later review

Some people have been asking how I am going with my weight loss goal and fitting into ‘those’ jeans. The great news is that I am 5kg lighter on the scales, I almost have my waist back, my ‘bingo wings’ are taking flight and John swears my bottom is smaller. The jeans fit better but are still not for public consumption.

Apart from the body changes, I am starting to feel amazing again. I am at CrossFit 5 times a week as well as stints of running, walking and cycling. I am lapping up the Paleo natural food lifestyle. Whilst I could probably have lost more weight by now with more stringent measures, I am okay with the slowly but surely approach and tweaking as I go. My previously haywire hormones are also being sorted with medical assistance.

The ‘write it down’ tip has been pivotal in defining a plan and charting my progress. I am also publicly accountable because I have written on my blog that I am going to do it (that one is really working).

I now have a BIG confession to make. I started up this blog and online art gallery without a proper business plan. I realize I have been in holiday mode and have not been serious about making this my job, my business and my new life. No wonder I have been feeling like the person in a boat with no oars and no sign of land. As Steven Pressfield outlines, it is time to turn from Amateur to Pro and Do The Work, in all the forms it takes. Time to ‘Write it down’ and plan my future with a business plan.

I love this quote: “Easy reading is damn hard writing” Nathaniel Hawthorne

I look forward to the easy reading of my plan as I have already started the damn hard writing. I know it will give me the map I need to inspire and inform me on my Dream, Dare & Do journey.

What do you need to write down?

If you  feel like some inspiration, download the free art of being screensaver or sign up for weekly updates. I would love to hear what ‘write it down’ means to you in the comment section below.

Be the best version of yourself!

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About Jo I realized at 50 that life was too short. I decided it was time to Dream, Dare & Do my way into a life I truly loved full of creativity, freedom, joy & connection. My 'new' life continues to evolve as does my art but life at the beach with my wonderful husband and much loved Schnauzer Mojo is pretty great. I now cram my days with creating art, blogging, learning, exercising, smelling the roses & acting as part-time cyber assistant for my hubby. Come on the journey with me to Be the Best Version of Yourself.
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2 Responses to My 10 Best Habit Change Tips: Tip 6

  1. Mary-Ann Hill says:

    Hi Jo, I so agree with writing it down, which can I add should be followed with reading it out loud. Your eyes have to see what you want to commit to and your ears have it hear you saying it. The thing that resonated the most though is the permission you have given yourself to take this progress at its self adjusting natural flow rate. I was told once by a very wise person that to make big change you look first to take very small steps. And before you know it those small steps are part of your daily life and you are ready for the next bunch of small steps. This change you seek is not a fleeting thing, you want it to be permanent, almost effortless, natural and fun. So pacing seems to be the best way to guarantee all that. Loving your posts, looking forward to Tip 7. Sending positive energy to add to your already overflowing cup…, Mary-Ann

  2. Jo says:

    Hi Mary-Ann you are so right about seeing what you want to commit to, then hearing it and letting yourself resonate with it. I love the way you have picked up on the fact that I intend this to be permanent so it doesn’t all have to happen overnight and is a fun and natural process of small steps. I haven’t done a habit change tip on small steps but it is an important one. I am certainly using this with my artwork at present. In fact I have had to backtrack some steps to go forward if that makes any sense. Thanks for the positive energy.
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